NDepend to the rescue

Some time ago I inherited a rather complex and intimidating codebase that I wanted to get my head around to. I already made some minor tweaks in the past, but without fully understanding it. The time has come to refactor some crucial parts in this application. In comes NDepend NDepend was known to me for […]

Source Control Rocks!

Having the pleasure to have inherited an interesting codebase from a former colleague, I recently discovered first hand that source control can be a PITA too! That is, not using it as it should be used. As I already stated before, when used right, source control can safe your life. But not this time.. When […]

Remote Debugging Web Applications

While trying to debug a problem with one of my webapps, I discovered this post by Wictor WilĂ©n about how to get remote debugging working properly. So far, it works great! I managed to find the problem almost immediately – as usual it was kind of trivial. Mmhh, makes me think about getting more logging […]