Joined the Microsoft Extended Experts Team (MEET)

A few years ago, Microsoft Belgium started the MEET team. “All MEET members are Belgian experts which have been selected for their skills and knowledge in their area of expertise. Moreover, they are excellent communicators. They all share their knowledge via their blogs and are regular speakers at Microsoft events or User Group meetings.” It’s […]

Moved my WordPress blog to Windows Azure

Since a few months I was contemplating on moving my WordPress-based blog to Windows Azure Websites. Although I was pretty satisfied with my current hoster at the time, I felt it was time to put more of my online presence in the hands of Microsoft. Call me stupid, but hey – I’m a fanboy you […]

Leaving the Mothership

After 12 years of loyal service, I’ve decided to leave Atos to go work for Xylos (@XylosICT) as a SharePoint Technology Consultant. That all sounds great, but in reality I’ll be doing much of the same things I’m doing now: helping customers architect, deploy and maintain their SharePoint infrastructures. On the side you’ll still see […]