Moving to WordPress with SQL Azure (Part 3)

In this series I’m showing you how to move your MySQL-powered WordPress blog to SQL Azure-powered backend. The first post talked about setting up the new platform, the second post was about moving your data and settings. This post will show you how to manage the infrastructure side of things: Microsoft Azure and DNS. Step […]

Moving to WordPress with SQL Azure (Part 2)

In my earlier post I showed you how to configure a new WordPress site with SQL Azure. This post will show you how to move your data and your settings across. Step 1 – Migrating your Data Getting your data across to your new WordPress site is easy. WordPress has an Export/Import plugin that you […]

Moving to WordPress with SQL Azure (Part 1)

A little over a year ago, I moved my blog to Microsoft Azure. Although I was very happy with the switch, there was still one thing that annoyed me big time: it was still powered by MySQL. That in itself is not much of a problem, but since my database has grown beyond the free […]

Microsoft MVP 2013 for SharePoint Server

A very unexpected mail arrived in my inbox yesterday: I must admit I had to read it twice before it dawned on me. I’m very honored to been given this MVP award for my community contributions. My main interactions with that community happen through public speaking so I especially want to thank everyone who invited […]

Joined the Microsoft Extended Experts Team (MEET)

A few years ago, Microsoft Belgium started the MEET team. “All MEET members are Belgian experts which have been selected for their skills and knowledge in their area of expertise. Moreover, they are excellent communicators. They all share their knowledge via their blogs and are regular speakers at Microsoft events or User Group meetings.” It’s […]