Cannot save to Favorites on Windows 7 & Vista

A problem I already noticed in Vista but one that keeps bugging me in Windows 7. Something I always do when installing a pc is moving all user related folders to another partition. That way, my C drive is of relatively low importance hence all my documents are the other drive. Reinstalling your system becomes a snap that way.

Unfortunately, you may run into problems when you do so.  By default, Internet Explorer has its Protected Mode activated. When you try to save a website in your Favorites folder, you are greeted with rather obscure error message: “Unspecified Error”.


To work around this, you have to tell IE that the new location of your Favorites can be trusted. Open up a command prompt as an administrator, go to the parent folder of your Favorites folder and issue the following command:

icacls Favorites /setintegritylevel (CI)(OI)low

That’s it, you’re done.