Getting SharePoint help #SPHelp


If you’re having trouble with SharePoint, there are several resources that you can use to get help from the community:

Twitter to the rescue

We’d like to introduce a new way of calling for support from the ever growing SharePoint community: our own Twitter tag! No medium is better suited to get instant feedback from the people who care about your favorite platform. So fire up your preferred client and mention #SPHelp in your tweet like this:


If you find that 140 characters don’t fit your need, you can always add a link to your tweet to a more detailed explanation, e.g. on one of the sites above. Use the power of the community to get better answers faster.

To follow up on your questions or to help other people with their SharePoint problems, use Twitter Search to find out what’s happening! Be sure to add the search as a permanent column in your favorite app.

I came up with this tag inspired by the SQL community, they use the #SQLHelp tag for some time now, with great success. Brent Ozar (Blog, @BrentO) has a great introduction on how to use this tag on his blog. This also applies to the #SPHelp of course.

Spread the word!

Be sure to blog and tweet at will about #SPHelp so it becomes a real valuable resource in the SharePoint space. You can also include it in your email signature or promote it on your blog contact page like I did.