Samsung Omnia 7 locking up during calls? A workaround

I truly love my Windows Phone 7 (Samsung Omnia 7). It is without doubt the best phone I’ve ever owned. Great operating system, great graphics, nice performance and very cool apps.

However, there is one particular problem that has been nagging me since the beginning. During around 50% of the calls, after a few seconds, I cannot hear the other person anymore and vice versa. I’m certainly not the only one with this problem. It seems to happen when the phone switches between 2G and 3G during a call.

Anyhow, you can work around the issue by locking your phone into 3G mode (or 2G for that matter). The downside is that you get bad or no reception in areas where there isn’t a decent 3G signal available. I’m still trying to find which problem annoys me more…

  1. Activate the Diagnosis mode by dialing ##634#
  2. In Diagnosis, type *#2263#
  3. Press 2 to select WCDMA (3G)
  4. Press 6 to select ALL
  5. Press Back
  6. Restart your phone

I currently have the latest version of the OS (7.0.7392.0), the Firmware (2424.11.3.1) and the Radio Software (2424.11.2.2) by the way. I sent my phone to a service center, but it returned with exactly the same error. Sigh.