Custom Solutions and Capacity Management Part 2

This is a live blogging post from the International SharePoint Conference London 2012. So don’t expect well-written proza here.

Session by Steve Smith, Ben Curry & Bob Fox

Demo-heavy session

Troubleshooting & Good Practices

  • Use perfmon & task manager to get an overview of the state of your environment (CPU, Memory, Disk)
  • disk response times < 20 ms should be ok, more & you’re in trouble
  • disk queue length should be =< 2
  • use PAL to diagnose the performance of your environment
  • never do performance testing on your production system that is already being used
  • understanding the baseline is crucial
  • monitor for 80% of the maximum you achieved before breaking it
  • don’t underestimate the power of caching, but be aware of the issues
  • huge performance gains going from 2 to 4 processors
  • huge performance gains going from 8 to 12 GB memory
  • monitor/test on different moments in the day
  • disable the scanning of directories by antivirus - huge performance gains
  • add custom counter sets to monitor other functions of your app (e.g. search)
  • test for your requirements! e.g. 2000 users with 10% concurrent and page response <=3 secs