Speaking at Community Day 2012

Community Day 2012

The Belgian community is organizing the sixth edition of Community Day! Community Day 2012 will take place on June 21st 2012 in Utopolis Mechelen. Thanks to our sponsors, Community Day 2012 is a FREE event!

17 user groups will outperform themselves to bring you their view on Microsoft products in 30+ sessions and panel discussions. With the upcoming releases, a lot of the talks will focus on the things you’ll learn and use tomorrow. We even have a full track committed entirely to Windows 8. But, just as always, we aren’t forgetting about the present and the things you use today either in our several best practices and deep-dive talks!

I’m very pleased to have been selected to deliver the following talk:

SQL Server for SharePoint geeks and other involuntary DBA’s

As SharePoint professionals we all know we shouldn’t, but we do: managing a production SQL Server.

This session will explore the wonderful world of SQL Server for non-DBAs. What do you have to know when setting up a SQL Server? What are the usual pitfalls? How do you make it run better and faster? How to avoid common problems like perpetual log file growth? How do you get to know a server you’ve never seen before? Anything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask.

Targeted to SharePoint, but useful for anyone that operates a SQL server without being a professional DBA.


Registration will open on May 9th over at the Community Day website – and remember, it’s free!

I also want to thank BIWUG for giving me the opportunity to speak at this event.