Leaving the Mothership

Dream Job

After 12 years of loyal service, I’ve decided to leave Atos to go work for Xylos (@XylosICT) as a SharePoint Technology Consultant.

That all sounds great, but in reality I’ll be doing much of the same things I’m doing now: helping customers architect, deploy and maintain their SharePoint infrastructures. On the side you’ll still see me presenting at user groups and conferences and deliver your occasional training too.

I shamelessly borrowed the diagram on the right from Scott Hanselman because it so neatly conveys how I feel about this next step in my career. You always want to get closer to the center and this job might just bring me closer!

Of course it’s never easy to leave a safe harbor, especially if they treated you so well for many years. And to flagrantly use the words of Scott again: ‘There’s rarely a good time to leave a company, especially one that you love, but this was as close to a “it’s not you, it’s me” kind of breakup as one can have’.

I’m joining Xylos on January 1st 2013 by the way - so no need yet to come looking for me over there 🙂