Speaking at SQL Server Days 2013

SQL Server Days 2013

Regular readers of my blog will know that although I’m a SharePoint consultant I have a close affinity with SQL Server too. I’m on a personal crusade to educate SharePoint folks on good practices in setting up and maintaining SQL Servers. My involuntary DBA talk is always fun, but when meeting real DBA’s they’re often less impressed with SharePoint. That’s why I’m particularly honored to being given the chance to defend SharePoint towards SQL Server professionals.

The Belgian SQL Server user group organizes SQL Server Days 2013 on November 7 & 8 2013. I’m giving the following session on Friday 8:

Sharepoint - from Denial to Acceptance

Remember the day your boss pulled you aside for what seemed a friendly chat? “Oh, there’s one more thing… We’re getting SharePoint.” You probably had to run to the shower to wash off the dirty feeling – but hey, it isn’t so bad you know. In this session we’ll explore the ins and outs of SharePoint for DBA’s. Why does SharePoint likes to do things its own way? What can and can’t you do to SharePoint databases? What SharePoint specific settings do you have to know about? How to maintain SharePoint databases without ruining it with Microsoft support?

Head over to the SQL Server Days website to register for the event! The speakers list is very impressive, I’ll be looking forward to meet a lot of the thought leaders in the SQL Server world. Being the only SharePoint guy at the venue will be a bit intimidating though 🙂