Speaking at SharePoint Saturday Stockholm 2014

SharePoint Saturday Stockholm

On January 25 2014 I’m in Stockholm for the first edition of SharePoint Saturday Stockholm. The event is organised by Matthias Einig, Erwin van Hunen and Hannah Swain and includes local Swedish speakers as well as some guests from abroad like me. My colleague Elio Struyf is also delivering a session - but he’s a developer/branding guy so I usually don’t understand what he’s talking about 🙂

As it is my first time in Stockholm (and Sweden for that matter) I plan on doing some sightseeing on Friday afternoon before heading to the speaker dinner. The organizers are providing the speakers with lots of useful information on what to do when in Stockholm so that won’t be a problem apparently.

During the event, I’ll be delivering my SharePoint & ADFS session once again:

SharePoint 2013 & ADFS in the real world

We’ve all seen those next-next-finish demos of connecting SharePoint to ADFS. Just a few lines of PowerShell and you’re done, right? Not really. When you choose to implement SAML claims with SharePoint (because that’s what it is) there are a number of difficulties that you’ll need to overcome. The people picker doesn’t work anymore, user profile import becomes more complicated and even using some SharePoint apps will be problematic. We’ll also cover the infrastructure side like making it work with host named site collections, reverse proxy servers and federation with other user directories.