Speaking at SharePoint Connect 2014

SharePoint Connect

I’m delighted to be selected to deliver two sessions at the SharePoint Connect 2014 conference in Amsterdam, on November 18 & 19 2014. Looking at the agenda and the speakers page I’ll be in very good company! The keynote will be delivered by Chris Johnson, who recently re-joined Microsoft as a member of the Office365 team.

On the first day of the conference, I’ll be be talking about “SQL Server for SharePoint Professionals” again – a topic near and dear to my heart. It has been a while since I’ve last delivered this session but it is still one of my favorite ones. The single most important contributing factor to SharePoint performance is the underlying SQL Server database platform. In this session you’ll learn how to setup, tune and tweak a database instance especially for SharePoint. If you’re an involuntary DBA (like me), this session is not to be missed!

My second session will be my “SharePoint 2013 & ADFS in the Real World”. I’ve given that one already a few times at various SharePoint Saturdays throughout Europe but it is still a topic that many people seem to struggle with. We’ve all seen those next-next-finish demos of connecting SharePoint to ADFS. Just a few lines of PowerShell and you’re done, right? Not really. When you choose to implement SAML claims with SharePoint (because that’s what it is) there are a number of difficulties that you’ll need to overcome. The people picker doesn’t work anymore, user profile import becomes more complicated and even using some SharePoint apps will be problematic. We’ll also cover the infrastructure side like making it work with host named site collections, reverse proxy servers and federation with other user directories.

I’m looking forward to meet many of my old & new SharePoint buddies over there and from what I’ve heard last year’s event was a huge success. Secure your tickets now!