Speaking in London & Amsterdam

It’s been a busy year so far, and the summer is traditionally very quiet on the conferences front. Not so this year - I’ll be speaking at SharePoint Saturday London in July and have been invited back to Amsterdam later this year. And there’s more to come! In the mean time, be sure to check out these awesome events. Their speaker lists are really impressive.

I will be delivering the following sessions:

SharePoint High Availability & Disaster Recovery (London/Amsterdam)

Architecting a highly available & disaster resilient SharePoint environment is not for the faint at heart. Articulating your requirements is just the first step in a bigger discussion. You need to find a technical solution that matches your organization's capabilities and budget and also fulfills your business needs. We will discuss some proven techniques from rebuilding your farms manually to fully automated solutions in the cloud and everything in between. Additionally, we will go over some common pitfalls, technical constraints and supportability issues that you should be aware of like virtual machine snapshotting and replication.

SharePoint Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks (Amsterdam)

Every SharePoint professional has its own toolbox to quickly asses the symptoms and root cause of technical issues. Geeks as we are, it's always interesting to have look at what other people use. In this fast-paced session I will open my own bag of useful tools with some usual suspects like ULSViewer but also some more obscure ones like DebugDiag and my essential list of SQL Server troubleshooting scripts.