Speaking at Unity Connect 2016

In a few weeks, I’ll be speaking at Unity Connect in Haarlem (Netherlands) together with Donald Hessing (@dhessing). We’ll present two sessions on configuring SharePoint hybrid end-to-end. Unity Connect stands out from the crowd by being the best conference in Central Europe in its kind and by having the best speakers from around the world. Be sure not to miss it! You can get 10% off by registering with my discount code SPKTHOV10. Also check out the pre-conference sessions which are pretty awesome too. Unity Connect is happening November 16-18 in Haarlem. More info at https://www.unityconnect.com/2016

Hybrid End to End - OneDrive, Team Sites and BCS

Hybrid End to End

A hybrid SharePoint deployment is not just marketing bingo. With SharePoint 2016 released, many organizations are looking for ways to combine their existing SharePoint investments with the bright future of the cloud. To achieve a single user experience and to relax the cloud discussion Microsoft invested in a Hybrid setup. In such a setup certain content and services can be serviced from On-Premises while other can be services from Office 365. In this self-contained first session of a two-part on hybrid Thomas and Donald will discuss the business drivers, architecture and configuration of OneDrive, Team Sites, BCS and User Profile Redirection. Hybrid Search will be covered in the second session on Hybrid “Hybrid Search Deep dive”.

Hybrid End to End

In this self-contained second session of a two-part on Hybrid Thomas and Donald will walk you through the new Hybrid Search capabilities. The new Cloud Hybrid Search Solution that comes with SharePoint 2016 is probably the most interesting feature the product team added to SharePoint On-Premises. It makes it possible to build a “true unified index” in SharePoint Online that includes online and on-premises content. The session will kick off with some interesting showcases highlighting the different usage scenarios. We will then shift gears and have a closer look under the hood showing how this new service application works from a technical point of view and highlight fundamental architectural considerations. We will finish the session with an installation walk-through of a full hybrid search setup.