So many great events! Spring 2017 edition

The amount of SharePoint and Office 365 related events happening in Europe continues to amaze me. Gone are the days that you could go to all of them, something many people thought to be one of my goals - although I already gave up on that a long time ago. Nevertheless, I'm still very proud to be accepted at a few top of the line events in the coming months. I mainly spoke about SharePoint hybrid the last year, and that continues to be a very important topic it seems. I completely rebuilt these talks so I could have more demo's and somewhat less slides - we're techies after all.

I'm also excited to deliver two full day workshops on SharePoint 2016 this year, targeted at IT Pro's. I get to team up with Spencer Harbar for these, a man who needs no introduction in the SharePoint world. He's one of the few people on this planet who know the product inside out, although nowadays he tries to convince people he's not working that much with it anymore. There is no escape from SharePoint however…

SharePoint Saturday Munich

March 4, 2017 - Munich (Germany) | website

The first edition in 2015 was epic, but this year proves to be even more interesting. The event is organised by Matthias Einig from Rencore and his team, and they managed to assemble a very impressive list of speakers. They set the quality bar very high both for speakers and attendees, so I'm really looking forward to this one.

  • Workshop: SharePoint 2016 Infrastructure Powerclass (with Spencer Harbar)
  • Session: implementing SharePoint hybrid search, start to finish

SharePoint Saturday Helsinki

March 25, 2017 - Helsinki (Finland) | website

This will be my first trip to Finland so that's already quite exciting. I'm already brushing up my Finglish by listening to a lot of videos starring Vesa Juvonen, but organiser Jussi Roine assured me that I should maybe worry about other things.

  • Session: implementing SharePoint hybrid search, start to finish


May 23-24, 2017 - Antwerp (Belgium) | website

Techorama has been around for already a number of years, primarily as a developer conference. This year they are branching out to the IT Pro, SharePoint and PowerShell crowd with a pretty impressive international speaker lineup. The fact it's taking place in Antwerp (a 30 minute drive from my home) adds to my excitement - no travel!

  • Session: Hybrid SharePoint demystified

European Collaboration Summit

May 20-31, 2017 - Zagreb (Croatia) | website

The conference formerly known as “SPC Adriatics”, organized by Adis Jugo, Toni Frankola and their team. I had the privilege of speaking at last year's edition, which pretty much blew me away. The attention to quality and detail is amazing, the speaker lineup is unrivaled, the country is magnificent and the food is legendary. It's a real honour to be invited back. If you've got some training budget left, be sure to check it out! It'll only set you back 100 euros, so no excuses there.

  • Workshop: SharePoint 2016 Infrastructure Powerclass (with Spencer Harbar)
  • Session: Click here for Disaster! Configuring SharePoint standby farms