Some kind of disclaimer

If you've made it as far as my personal blog, and you even want to get in touch with me, here are some ways to do so.

A fair bit of warning though. While I will generally try to answer your technical questions, I often end up having to Google them too - although I will actually use DuckDuckGo for that. For Microsoft-related queries, Microsoft Tech Community might be a good starting point.

Don't get me wrong: I'm usually considered very approachable, helpful and friendly, so if you spot me at conferences or user group meetings - definitely come say hi! Sorry if you happen to meet me before I had my first coffee that day. You can help your case by bribing me with some decent (N)espresso.

Email: [email protected]

It's maybe not the sexiest way, but it works! I will respond to every email.

Twitter: @thomasvochten

Now we're talking. If you want to engage with me in a public conversation, this is the way to go. Direct messages work too.

LinkedIn: thomasvochten

My public work profile. I tend to only accept connections from people I worked with, met at a conference or community gathering, had a glass of wine with or talked to on the phone. If we talked, we can connect. Unless you're Satya Nadella or so. And yes, I do Facebook too, but if you're such a close friend, you wouldn't be reading this page I guess…

Telegram: thomasvochten

If you want to chat or talk to me in a more direct way, you can try the tool the cool kids use. Or used to, as I might be missing out on the new kid on the block.

Keybase: thomasvochten

If you're a bit paranoid, a hacker or just someone else obsessed with security, you can send me an encrypted message here. Techies can also get my public PGP key here. Not really sure why I registered for this service, but if it's good for celebrities like Troy Hunt or Scott Hanselman - it's good for me too.