About Me

Hi, I’m Thomas

I’m a solution advisor helping customers to implement Microsoft technologies such as Office 365, SharePoint, Teams and Azure.

As a technical evangelist and Microsoft MVP, I also travel the world to speak at a lot of events, conferences and user groups to talk about technology and to make sure people don’t make the same expensive mistakes I did. All these speaking engagements are hard work, but I get a lot of energy out of them. Being out there in the community helping others is what drives me.


I work at Xylos, where the bulk of my time goes to talking to (potential) customers on how technology might help them solve their problems or let them work more efficiently. Inspiring people with technology is what it’s about.

For many years, I focused mainly on implementing SharePoint, but nowadays my scope is much broader. I pride myself in being a generalist rather than a specialist. That’s just how it came to be. I talk to many different audiences, and that’s definitely an asset then. I’m still not much of a developer by the way, but I know just enough to not embarrass myself.

Coming from a typical IT Pro background, I also have a lot of expertise with platform architecture, planning, deployment, availability and operations, whether on-premises or in the cloud.


Since a few years, I’m also the president of the Belgian Information Worker User Group (BIWUG). We have monthly meetings around topics like SharePoint and Teams and also organize SharePoint Saturday Belgium.

When I’m not working, preparing presentations or reading up on tech stuff, I like to go running a few times a week and recently picked up playing the piano again.

I’m based out of Belgium and live near Antwerp with my wife and two teenage daughters. They probably roll their eyes when they would read this…

Want to have a coffee? Get in touch with me!